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strength training at a pace

The first Metabolic core value is “Strength training at a pace” which creates the foundation of every Metabolic workout by focusing on time under tension, eliciting a strong cardio effect.

If “Strength at a pace” is a core workout philosophy which matches your own, then a Metabolic franchise might be the right opportunity for you.

The first core philosophy at Metabolic is “Strength at a pace,” and it is the bedrock of our workout program and the Gospel, which our founder Matt Phelps preaches every time to every trainer.

The idea of strength training at a pace with a focus on time under tension elicits a powerful cardio effect. Meaning you are doing strength based exercises with a short time in between each exercise, 5, 10, 15 seconds out a max.

If you want to learn more about metabolic training and our workout philosophy, check out our youtube channel where we break down all the core aspects, details and science behind metabolic training.

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