Metabolic Will Never Sell a Franchise

Metabolic is one of the most dynamic emerging fitness franchises in the world.

If you’re thinking about buying a fitness franchise, Metabolic might be a great fit for you.

However, we’re not going to sell you a Metabolic franchise. We’re not interested in selling anyone on why they need to join the Metabolic family as a franchise owner.

Instead, we will award franchises to people who believe what we believe: in the cultivation of strength through community.

Video Transcript

What’s up, guys? My name is Ryan Hanley, and I am the CEO of Metabolic Franchise Group, one of the fastest and most dynamic emerging fitness brands in the world.

I am brand new to the fitness industry.

I wanted to document my journey of growing this business, of bringing metabolic strength training at a pace, metabolic resistance training and everything that means, of helping this organization and being part of this team, and taking what is a six-location fitness business and turning it into a world-class fitness franchise, and share strength with the world.

It’s going to be a long and interesting journey.

And I wanted to document that journey and share it with my friends, with my peers in the fitness industry that many of which, I don’t even know yet. If you’re in the fitness industry, you’ve been doing this longer than I have. And I am new to your world. And I wanted to introduce myself to you.

So, if you’re in the fitness industry, if you’re in the wellness and health industries, introduce yourself. I would love to meet you. I’d love to connect and learn more about your business, and what my work at Metabolic can do to help you and what you do, and the people that you serve.

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To all my friends in the insurance industry where I came from, I hope that you’ll follow along with this journey and that someday, you may implement strength and strength training at a pace and the philosophies, the methodologies of metabolic resistance training and metabolic this business into your own lives to help increase your own health and wellness.

And just share some of what I’ve learned over the last 20 years of being in business, 12 of which were in the insurance industry.

Going from a boots–on–the–ground insurance producer hawking home and autos just in here, in the greater Albany area, to being the chief marketing officer of one of the most dynamic insurance technology companies in the entire country.

And back to Albany, back to Metabolic. And now, in a completely new industry. And taking all those lessons that I learned in the insurance base, and I’m applying them to a fitness business, into a business that helps people get stronger.

See, I needed to be home with my family, but at the same time, I wanted to have meaning in my work, I wanted to help people.

And that’s what my move to Metabolic was, an opportunity to help people in a real, in a meaty way, really get my hands into something that had true long-term impact on the health and wellness, the physical and mental fitness, of people across the country, across the world.

Because I’d seen it help my wife, I’d seen it help me in my life, being not just a better, more physically fit person, but a better husband, a better father, a better leader.

That is why I’m here today. And what I hope this conversation is that we continue to have over the coming weeks, over the coming years, is a conversation around growth, and performance, and trust, and respect, and leadership, and friendship, and strength.

And I hope you’ll come along for that journey. So, I want to hear from you guys. Introduce yourself if we don’t know each other.

If we do know each other, just say, “Hi.” I’m going to be producing many more of these videos, as we go talking about all aspects of this business in particular, and business in general, and growth in your personal and professional life.

If you have any thoughts, feelings, people that you think I should…

If you’re in the fitness industry, and there’s people you think I should be following, people I should connect to, please reach out to me, let me know. I hope that you’ll connect with me.

I hope that you’ll subscribe or follow these videos and be part of this journey because sharing, documenting helps me be better at what I do. And I hope in some way, it helps you be better at what you do. So, this is the first one. I’m going to get out of here.

I love you guys.


Ryan Hanley

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