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Individualized Training

At Metabolic, we take “Personal training in a group setting” to the next level, we call it, individualized training. Every time, every client walks in a Metabolic studio our trainers know the client’s name, know their goals, their injuries, their weights for each exercise, etc.

The point is, Metabolic is a group workout, with an individualized client experience.

If individualized training is a core workout philosophy which matches your own, then a Metabolic franchise might be the right opportunity for you.

The second core philosophy at Metabolic is individualized training, and this is what makes Metabolic different.

The workout program is tremendous. What our trainers are, what makes Metabolic so special, is when a member walks into one of our gyms, our trainers know their name, know what their goals are, know, if they have any injuries, any modifications, they know any exercises they may struggle with.

They know what each client is trying to achieve and why they’re at Metabolic. They know how to push each individual member.

Each of three trainers at each gym is responsible for 400 to 500 individual clients and every client, despite being in a group of potentially 48, feels like they got a personal training session every single time.

Individualized training. It is a core philosophy here at Metabolic.

Yours in strength,

Ryan Hanley

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