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Metabolic sets itself apart with a business model built around 6 Core Values:

  1. Strength Training at a Pace
  2. Individualized Training (Personal Training in a Group Setting)
  3. Real Results
  4. Building Sustainable Communities
  5. Collaboration
  6. Human-Centric Business Model

If these values match your own, then a Metabolic franchise might be the right opportunity for you.

Strength at a pace

The first Metabolic core philosophy is, "Strength at a pace," which acts as the bedrock of our Metabolic Training workout program. Strength training at a pace puts a primary focus on "Time Under Tension," which, in addition to building lean muscle, elicits an intense cardio effect.

Individualized Training

At Metabolic, we take "Personal training in a group setting" to the next level, we call it, individualized training. Every time, every client walks in a Metabolic studio our trainers know the client's name, know their goals, their injuries, their weights for each exercise, etc. The point is, Metabolic is a group workout, with an individualized client experience.

Real Results

At Metabolic, our goal is to provide real results and real growth in our client's physical and mental strength. We don't use gimmicks, gadgets or algorithms to prove results, instead, we want our clients to feel good when they look in the mirror, reduce their everyday stress and improve their mental focus and strength.

Sustainable Community

The fourth core philosophy at Metabolic is building a sustainable community. We want our members to come back to Metabolic over and over and over again and feel comfortable doing so.


The fifth core philosophy of Metabolic is collaboration. That’s collaboration between Metabolic, the franchise, and you, our franchisee. We want this to be a relationship. We want it to feel like we’re part of a family.

Human-Centric business model

The sixth core philosophy at Metabolic is building a human-centric business. Where all our competitors are pushing deeper into technology, removing humans from the equation, reducing the impact of trainers on the workout setting of members in front of TV monitors, screens using watches and apps. We're going the other way.

Own your own

metabolic franchise

Apply today and begin the journey to own your own Metabolic studio. At Metabolic, we set our franchise partners, (and the members they serve), up for success through a proven, sustainable business model.

Join the Metabolic mission to create a physically and mentally stronger communities throughout the world.

Find your strength.


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